Walmeric launches Leadlab: Research focused on improving conversion

A couple of weeks ago, we anticipated you that Walmeric got a CDTI funding, on the occasion of the development of a collaborative economy project. However, that is not everything…

This granting has been an accelerator to create a laboratory dedicated to Artificial Intelligence: Walmeric Leadlab. Therefore, this laboratory is focused on the research of technological initiatives in order to optimize marketing and sales processes. In addition, as a result, improving conversion.

Since 2008, we have helped our clients to discover their leads journey, from their origin until the moment of their conversion. Walmeric Leadlab was born to research on optimizing processes. The main objective focuses on offering more value to our clients. 

Standarizing the labeled system

Walmeric has been pioneering in promoting the relevance of labeled strategies. Those strategies that establish an ideal labeled according to objectives, offering a competitive advantage to sales agents and an improvement in conversion.

For this reason, we know how important it is to standarize the leads labeled. As well as, improving data quality and integrating physique channels with commercial conversations. Walmeric keeps creating trends!

One of the main objectives of the laboratory is to obtain a standardization of the labeled methods in the digital industry, converting it into a model. The mean to get it includes an exhaustive research that has collaboratively started with our clients, partners and suppliers.

With this in mind, we are developing the basis of a standard labeled strategy to unite countries, languages and terms.

Optimization of connections between agent and lead

From Walmeric Leadlab we are also working on initiatives for the application of Artificial Intelligence in processes related to the improvement of conversion. Therefore, efforts focus on optimizing calls routing between leads and specific agents, those who have higher possibilities of closing sales.

Match 360 starts working when a lead initiates the process to buy something. All data is collected by means of labels and is immediately analysed through Aritificial Intelligence. As a result, it optimizes the connection lead – agent, asigning the one with higher possibilities of giving an ideal treatment, favouring the closing sales.

Sales conversion forecast

Likewise, and with the objective of optimizing marketing and sales processes, Leadlab keeps developing functionalities such as scoring and clusterization, encouraging an improvement through the application of AI.

How can you predict which clusters of your audience have higher possibilities of buying? Taking into account labels that have been collected from each lead and applying Artificial Intelligence. The probability of conversion of each lead can be predicted.

Similarly, taking scoring percentage into account, the clusterization can be done easily. This users’ segmentation helps understanding conversion probability of groups formed by shared characteristics in order to improve messages destined to promote conversion.

Understanding industry needs

Walmeric Leadlab makes an effort to understand industry needs and foresee future ones. Consequently, promoting labeled standarization and omnichannel information, it is possible to establish users’ tracking models in every possible sphere.

Moreover, understanding our clients’ needs facilitate us to give them an extra value. Recognizing clients’ needs makes prioritization easier, as well as conforming a general idea about the present situation and discovering which labeled rules could be adapted to a vast majority.

Applying Artificial Intelligence to conversations

Knowing, analysing and deducing conclusions that can be applied to leads’ journey, from their origin to their conversion, is highly valuable to all companies, independently of their sector.

Moreover, by using Walmeric’s tool focused on conversational e-commerce, it is possible to enrich leads journey and conversations by means of labels, favouring that leads’ conversion to clients becomes as easy as possible.

Futhermore, applying Artificial Intelligence models to the recording of conversations, allows to create contextual transcriptions and analyse relevant topics, ways to improve the interaction between clients and companies, sales opportunities, etc. It helps to connect each lead to that agent with higher possibilities of closing sales and obtaining better results.

Innovating is a key principle for Walmeric. Improvements in Artificial Intelligence plus our collaborative projects, helps us become a model company in Lead Management.

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