Walmeric makes the leap to the United States, supported by one of its technological solutions

  • Dastia launches in the U.S. market as the Artificial Intelligence-based lead management solution that generates higher performance with Call Tracking


After 15 years developing technologies that help the efficient conversion of leads for the most relevant clients in the market in different industries, Walmeric opens operations in the United States supported by its technological solution, Dastia. The ambition is to open new markets in the Americas and deploy the rest of the company’s tools.

Dastia is the ‘Call Tracking’ solution for B2B companies with assisted sales. Supported by Artificial Intelligence, it uses technology that allows collecting the digital footprint of each user (origin, points of contact, last product viewed…) so that sales reps can contextualize the sale, generating more personalized solutions that lead to higher conversion rates in sales.

Walmeric operates in 16 countries and manages more than 65 million customer leads. Dastia has worked with industries such as automotive, finance, education, energy, insurance, telco and tourism, among others.

Dastia facilitates the collection of the digital footprint of each lead through a dynamic number or ‘Call Me Back’, as well as the detail and closure of the call, enables the uploading of this information to marketing and analytics platforms and allows 360º visibility and attribution thanks to the union of the lead’s footprint and data from marketing platforms. All this helps to multiply sales through technology and support teams.

All of Dastia’s management processes are encompassed in four phases supported by Walmeric’s native technologies. The first phase is based on collecting all call information and transcription, followed by conversational intelligence to analyze these conversations. Then different lead management processes are applied and, finally, customized and real-time reporting.

 Agreement with Google

Since 2021, Walmeric collaborates with Google as one of Google’s European providers for the forwarding of data from calls made through Google Ads.

Thanks to this, advertisers will have additional real-time call data, such as the campaigns and ad groups that generated the call, in order to improve the qualification of potential customer calls.

With the combination of Google and Dastia technologies, sales departments will be able to analyze call performance and results on a single platform, as well as optimize campaigns in real time thanks to the data.

About Walmeric



Walmeric is the leading technology company in business intelligence-based services for integrated lead management across channels, automation and efficient conversion to sales.

It offers the possibility of unifying tracking, scoring, attribution and lead conversion in a single solution, achieving global visibility.

Walmeric operates in more than 16 countries and manages more than 65 million customer leads per year.

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