Walmeric partners with Google to deliver more valuable call conversions

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Walmeric Solutions, the pioneer technology company in Lead to Revenue Management, becomes one of the European providers to partner with Google to deliver more valuable call conversions from Google Ads.

We are pleased to say that Walmeric has partnered with Google as one of its European providers for the forwarding of call attribution data from calls made through Google’s ads (call extensions, call ads or calls from location extensions).

Thanks to this, advertisers can now get additional attribution data about calls in real-time, such as campaign and ad group IDs that generated a call, in order to improve the qualification of potential customer calls.

Google offers its own identifier known as Google Click IDs (GCLID) for calls lasting longer than 15 seconds, and call forwarding numbers via Google forwarding numbers, providing advertisers with general performance reporting (impressions, calls received and PTR) as well as specific details about phone calls like duration, phone prefix and call type.

To this new integration Walmeric incorporates Lead to Revenue Management technologies that allow for an increase in the knowledge of the context, through the collection of online and offline signals. At the same time, it offers the possibility of applying business logic or Artificial Intelligence in the end-to-end treatment of leads: omnichannel capture and tracking, qualification of each lead according to rules or IA, nurturing for non.converted leads, multi-channel attribution and conversational labeling (recording and transcription of calls).

Walmeric also has a direct integration with Google Analytics, which allows you to get: a comprehensive view of calls and web traffic, the creation of goals for calls and with that, a possible upload to Google Ads as conversion.

With the combination of Google and Walmeric technologies, sales departments will be able to analyze call performance and results on a single platform, as well as optimize campaigns in real time thanks to the data.

European advertisers can now implement it by following the instructions on Google’s support page or in their Google Ads account settings and enjoy all the benefits of additional call attribution data.

User privacy and data security are taken very seriously by Google. For this rollout, Google is limiting the user data it shares with third parties—all of whom have agreed to Google’s strict data security terms. For example, no names of callers are shared, only their phone numbers as they would be for any other phone call. Furthermore, data is encrypted and only shared with a call analytics provider if an advertiser grants them access. You can learn more about how Google protects user data here.

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