Walmeric will discuss their innovations concerning Artificial Intelligence in AIshow

Walmeric Soluciones will be attending, as Silver Sponsor, AIshow, a reference event in the Artificial Intelligence industry organized as part of eshow.

Entitled as “the smart AI revolution for business”, AIshow will take place on 29-30 october in IFEMA, Madrid.

Artificial Intelligence has become commonplace. It has increased the impact caused in society, transforming and improvind the way of living and working of million people.

Artificial Intelligence is used in diverse industries and is applicable to different necessities and situations. It optimizes resources and boosts business development and productivity, as well as improves user experience.

In this third edition, AIshow will highlight the last improvements in technological innovation related to Artificial Intelligence, as well as its effect in society and market trends.



Walmeric will discuss about benefits and practicality of new developments related to Artificial Intelligence and their application to diverse industries, from telco to insurance, and with diverse intentions, adpted to and defined by each of our clients.

Federico Heinen, Product Director at Walmeric, will deliver a presentation in which the audience will get a clear understanding about Walmeric devolpments in Artificial Intelligence, focused on three key functionalities: Lead Scoring, Match 360º and Conversational tagging.

Would you like to know more about Antonio’s presentation and Walmeric’s participation in AIshow? We will keep you posted in our blog!

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