We keep growing! Walmeric 3.0: New offices opening

Over 10 years have passed since Walmeric came to light. A lot of good ideas were put together to create a revolutionary concept. A technology as Lead Management solution for all clients who keep believing in it.

It has not been easy. Team effort, motivation and compromise have assure that today we can see Madrid from a different point of view. In other words, “none of us is as good as all of us together”.

A garage in Alpedrete, Tres Cantos, Avenida San Luis and Torre Mapfre until we get to Torre Spínola. We keep growing! Therefore, today we launch: Walmeric 3.0.

A few days ago we went to Torre Mapfre for the last time. All together, we set the course to our new headquarters in Madrid: Torre Spínola (C/ Cardenal Marcelo Spínola, 42, 28016 Madrid).

These new offices are adapted to us, to the team and to our needs. Now we have more space to develop out technological solutions and work as a team. Furthermore, these offices are sustainable, placed in a BREEAM certified building, worldwide recognised and classified as having “very good” rating level.

Walmeric Team on its way to Torre Spínola

When we got to the 10th floor, a jazz band welcomed us at the rithm of “When The Saints Go Marching In”. An excellent breakfast put the cap on our arrival. What a great welcoming!


Breakfast and jazz music


We looked around discovering our new offices full of curiosity: colourful, spacious and very illuminated. Walmeric evolution was noticed and we were part of that change.

Our daily basis in Torre Spínola

Along with the new offices, we inaugurated new traditions like the sharing working desks, a great opportunity to generate collaborative spaces. What would be better than not having a pre-established working desk?

Every afternoon, at the end of our working day, we keep our belongings in lockers with the idea of choosing a different working desk when coming the following morning. By doing this, we are improving our working environment. Exchanging ideas, innovating together, understanding our teams and establishing new personal and professional relationships.

Meetings become peaceful when these are improvised within the free spaces at the office. Now, besides the meeting rooms, our offices are full of great areas to deal with working matters. Couches, televisions and blackboards invite us to catch up on a daily basis in a more relaxed environment that let our creativity flow.

Improvised training


Moreover, training and knowledge exchange have been benefited of this community environment. Any moment becomes ideal to suggest a new training, have a coffee with our co-workers and learn all together.

The Walmeric 3.0 era begins. A leading company in creating technology for sales assisted channels. At the cutting edg with over 8M managed leads per year and with presence in more than 10 countries thanks to our partnership networks.
We keep growing. Grow with us!

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