What are the advantages of having a dynamic phone to increase sales?

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The main objective of companies is to increase sales and improve their results and, to this end, technology is a great ally, as it allows them to automate inefficient processes that previously had to be carried out by the sales force. Thanks to this automation, sales teams can dedicate their day to actions that really require valuable time and expertise. To this end, at Walmeric we have the Global ROI Hub, a model focused on incremental sales.

“At Walmeric we aim to drive sales by putting technology at the service of the business. This brings incremental sales an end2end model with pay for results.”Beatriz de Tena, business director of GRH.

One of the pillars of this model is the dynamic telephone or dynamic ring pool. This is a feature that allows us to show a different phone number to each user, in order to collect the tracking of each lead and finally refer them to the contact center with all their digital footprint, i.e. the information they have provided in the form and their navigation data.

This makes it possible to identify the channel of origin of each lead and to know what they are interested in based on the pages they have visited on our website, thus building a more favorable relationship between the lead and the sales agent and improving conversion to sales.


Why implement dynamic phone to increase sales

The benefits of having a ring pool or dynamic telephone are as follows:

1. Understand the campaigns and sources that provide the highest volume of qualified leads.
2. Know the products or services that most interest your leads.
3. Collect information from the lead prior to the call, facilitating the contextualization of the sales pitch.
4. Unify information about the online tracking and the offline call.
5. Analyze calls in real time.
6. Obtain complete information about conversions thanks to a 100% integration with analytics tools.
7. Achieve a higher level of visibility into the attribution model.
8. Increase sales by targeting digital campaigns to keywords / users with interest and conversion into higher sales.

The dynamic Ring Pool, together with the other pillars of Global Roi Hub, will increase your sales and allow you to get to know your leads better, their interests, their behavior, etc. and thus find optimized leads.

What are you waiting for to innovate with this new successful sales model?


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