What is Lead Nurturing?

Surely you have provided your personal data to download whitepapers, ebooks or participate in webinars, and shortly afterwards you have received some emails from that company with certain information. This kind of process is known as Lead Nurturing.

So, Lead Nurturing is a marketing automation technique with three purposes:

Identify which users in your database are ready to make a purchase.
Ensure that users who are not yet ready could receive valuable information to help, in order to prepare them for the purchase.
Users who you have given up for lost, recover them and start the process again.

Lead Nurturing promotes more personalized and flexible relationship with our prospects. This is an opportunity to increase revenue and share market.

To get the most of your potential customers, first of all you must to understand exactly what they are looking for and where in the buying process they are.  A good lead nurturing process is based on monitoring profiles, classification and segmentation of your potential customers. In addition you can customize the process. That will increase the chance of conversion.

How efficient process Lead Nurturing is achieved?

1.  Define your ideal potential customers. They may be leads that spoke with a salesperson but not closed sales, leads “sleepers”, etc.

2.  Decide how many communications you want to receive your leads. It is important to know the sales cycle of your leads to determine the number of communications.

3.  Establish a multi-channel communication strategy. Although traditionally the lead nurturing process was based on email, current technology allows you to include SMS and phone calls.

4.  Customize the maximum. Make sure that each lead receives the necessary contacts, according with their reaction of received communications.


5.  Test different actions. Flow automation will allow you to easily test more than one way to get your leads.Different creativities, messages, contact media.

When a user completes a lead nurturing process, showing interest in received emails and downloaded content you offer, you can estimate that the user is ready to be contacted, and offer your services or products.6) Use metrics. A good lead nurturing process allows you to analyze many metrics. You need to know what contact strategies make better conversions.

In short, Lead Nurturing allows you to optimize your commercial capabilities.

Originally published in our blog Delio

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