What is Speech Analytics useful for: 15 benefits for assisted sales

As a marketing and sales professional, you know that happy customers mean success for your company. This is why it is very important to discover their needs and interests because that will permit you to offer a better service and maximize results.

How do we achieve that?

Call Center management technologies entail a great progress towards this trend. Analyzing lead-agent interactions is one of the greatest ways to obtain visibility on your clients’ satisfaction and this is why Speech Analytics solutions, or conversational artificial inteligence, have been, since 2002, awakening the interest of marketing and sales leaders.

It has been foreseeing a growth in the demand for Speech Analytics, founded within the necessity of valuable data that companies can only get through a careful analysis of their interactions with clients. Tweet this

What is Speech Analytics?

A Speech analytics solution allows you to transcribe and analyze the content of your calls and discover your customer insights and patterns.

You will get complete visibility on your leads and clients’ treatment in all conversations with your commercial force and improve the way in which they deal with them.

Usually, Speech analytics is used during your leads and clients interactions in a Call Center to identify key aspects of a conversation such as:

  • The reason for calling
  • Products of interest
  • Both interlocutors mood
  • Trends and patterns
  • Most common terms
  • The reason for the sale or not the sale

How does it work?

Speech Analytics is comprised of two phases:


Benefits and how Speech Analytics works

15 benefits of Speech Analytics

  1. Sales opportunities discovery: identify sales opportunities, existing and new, through the analysis of your customers’ patterns.
  2. Greater knowledge about your users: comprehend your leads and clients’ interests, needs, concerns, etc. to optimize your marketing and sales strategies.
  3. Identification of interests: discover which products or services create a higher interest.
  4. Needs prediction: determine the ideal offer to your leads and clients or when they will need to acquire your products or services.
  5. Visibility on feelings: get information about their satisfaction level, brand sensations, or, even, about the offer or product given, within a range of positive, negative and neutral.
  6. Concerns detection: discover operational and/or management breaches in real-time.
  7. Personalized service: take advantage of data to offer higher quality interactions, more persuasive and personalized.
  8. Improve your clients’ experience: analyze how your commercial agents deal with customers to improve client experience.
  9. Churn causes detection: meet your leads impressions to discover new reasons for the churn rate.
  10. Improvement in decision making: make decisions quicker and more efficiently thanks to the analysis and key terms and patterns detection in real-time.
  11. Upselling and/or cross-selling: better defined and segmented actions due to the detection of patterns, interests and needs.
  12. Costs reduction: define more precise objectives avoiding losing unnecessary costs thanks to the collected data.
  13. Project forecast: make it easier to define future projects with all the information gathered.
  14. Corporate loyalty growth: offer to your commercial agents a better sales and customer service training based on well-founded information.
  15. RGPD compliance: secure regulations compliance regarding the protection of sensitive data and information.


Speech Analytics will allow you to get the most out of your clients’ interactions, before, during, and after a call, to make your sales processes more efficient, save costs and define better-segmented strategies.

Conversational labeling, Walmeric Speech Analytics solution will help you to achieve it.

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