Why apply a lead nurturing strategy for Black Friday?


Are you ready for Black Friday? This year it will be held on Friday, November 26 and it is estimated that each Spaniard will spend an average of €180 and another €98 on the following Monday, Cyber Monday (Europa Press). From Walmeric, we not only recommend offering promotions and offers for these dates, but above all to apply a lead nurturing strategy to convert those leads that did not do so in the past.

What is lead nurturing

First of all, let’s remember what exactly lead nurturing is. This strategy consists of treating in an automated way with those leads that did not convert at first, through personalized impacts (calls, emails or SMS) and adjusted to the information we have about them from previous conversations with our sales agents.
According to Puro Marketing, only 2% of web traffic converts to sales on the first visit. Therefore, it is essential to carry out a lead nurturing strategy, to re-engage those leads that have not bought from us.

How to make the most out of Black Friday

It is very important that we do not forget that many people decide to bring forward their Christmas shopping to Black Friday, due to the proximity of the dates and the various promotions (Oberlo). Therefore, it is even more essential that we carry out a lead nurturing strategy for the upcoming dates. Here are some of the actions you can take over the next month to impact those leads that have not been converted:

Personalized promotions and offers. If the lead has contacted your company in the past, you will know what product he will be interested in. Take advantage of this information to send them personalized offers.
Offer content of interest. Make the lead have a good image of your brand, even if they have not bought from you, so that they end up doing so in the future.
Don’t limit yourself to contacting users through a single channel.Find out which one is their favorite and send communications through it. To facilitate this process, it is best to offer all possible contact channels so that users contact through their favorite from the beginning. This way, when it comes to lead nurturing, you will already know their preferences.
on’t forget to track. The ideal is to do it from the very first moment, following the lead’s digital footprint. Follow the activity of users throughout their customer journey so that, if they don’t convert, you know why and can impact them again in the future.

What will be the most purchased products?

To know which products will be the most demanded this year, it is best to know the data from the previous year. According to Statista, the top 5 is as follows:

1. Fashion.
2. Footwear and accessories.
3. Appliances.
4. Telephone.
5. Toys.

As we can see, the first two categories correspond to everyday products which, depending on the brands, can be more or less expensive. The third and fourth positions are occupied by higher-priced items that require a long purchase decision process. Finally, in fifth place – toys – are those shoppers who bring Christmas forward to Black Friday.

Black Friday 2021 is less than a month away. Don’t wait to start your lead nurturing strategy!

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