Why is Call Tracking essential to marketing and sales?

Specialists in marketing and sales are aware of the importance of measuring and analysing their campaigns in order to learn and improve results. Why should they focus on calls and web forms tracking and analytics? Besides a lot of products can be obtained online, the volume of call sales is still quite high.

According to BIA / Kelsey, since 2014, the volume of inbound calls originated from digital marketing activities has increased by 86%. This is due to the complexity of several products, which require a personalized and specialized sales assistant to guide users in the purchase process.

Moreover, according to a recent Forrester’s paper, call leads purchase a 30% faster and spend a 28% more than web leads.

Call Tracking: A golden opportunity

Collect all leads Call Tracking and analyse causes that motivate conversion, originated from inbound calls and contact forms is a very valuable asset for marketing and sales teams.

Through the analysis of online tracking and call details, it is possible to obtain beneficial information in order to optimize marketing investment and create and segment audiences.

Furthermore, obtaining the whole call tracking allows you to design more accurate marketing activities, as well as nurturing actions focused on specific results.

Call Tracking

Walmeric’s Call Tracking

Walmeric applies Artificial Intelligence to the Call Tracking process with the aim of optimizing investment, creating audiences and more specific segments and obtaining an ideal customer journey personalization.

What aspects does Walmeric’s Call Tracking include?

Pixel in website: By means of inserting a pixel in the site, it is possible to obtain the whole lead journey.
CTA personalization: The personalization of acquisition elements allows to design appealing, corporate and effiective call to action buttons.
Dynamic numbers: By assigning dynamic telephone numbers to each user / lead who lands in a website, it is possible to know: its origin, the marketing campaign that impacted the lead, the keyword searched by the lead, the conversion site, the acquisition elements and the funnel stage in which each of our users are.
Inbound telephone numbers: Through the interference of inbound telephone numbers (as in an offline activity, for example) it is possible to know every lead source, offering a personalized service while measuring campaign results.
Automated calls: Calls automation permits to optimize resources allocated to launch calls.
Qualify calls with Artificial Intelligence (Lead Scoring): the use of Artificial Intelligence in Call Tracking allows to qualify calls, and so prioritize leads, with the aim of increasing conversion.
Digital marketing tools integration: Unifying tracking with outcomes obtained from digital marketing platforms (such as AdWords, Facebook, DMP, etc) allows to get full visibility about individual conversions and, therefore, the attribution model.
Reporting: The joining together of Call Tracking and call details permits to obtain an accurate analytics that assists in the optimization of sales and marketing strategies.

Call Tracking

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