Why to include Lead Tracking as part of your digital strategy?

You could think that to do Lead Tracking on every action taken by your leads is not relevant if your sales results are good enough. But, what if I tell you that they could experience an exponential growth?

Lead Tracking is focused on clarifying where your leads come from and what they are interested in. In other words, how they reached you, why they want to buy your products and what they would get in case of making a decision.

Let’s say that from the total of your leads, a 20% transforms into sale; What would happen with the remaining leads? Clearly, if they landed on your website, they were highly interested in your products or services. Moreover, the interest would be higher if they got in touch with you.

Distinguishing that 80% of your leads, not converted into sale at a first attempt, offers you a opportunity to:

Optimize each of your advertising campaigns attending to conversions or ROI.
Create new campaigns for specific segments of your audience.
Work on Lead Nurturing strategies for those not converted leads, attending to the knowledge acquired.
Make your time more efficient, instead of searching new acquisition and sales strategies.

Promote your leads’ interest

If you were a lead with a medium-low interest in a product, don’t you think it will grow if the treatment given to your case were ideal? There is where Lead Tracking takes part.

When you use Lead Tracking, all information, prior to the moment in which a lead gets in touch with you, is gathered. From the moment in which the conversation has started, you already know:

Who is that person.
Where he/she comes from.
What he/she is interested in.

It allows you to personalize your sales speech according to their needs and, therefore, increase conversion probability.

Offering confidence to your leads through an ideal treatment is a key aspect in purchase intention. According to Rare Consulting, an 83% of sales are generated due to a high confidence level offered by the interlocutor.

Optimization has never been that easy

Do you know about the value of unifying Lead Tracking prior to a call with details obtained after it? What could we extract from that practice?

Sales originated can be gathered in segments that explain the reason of each of them. Understand sales trends and the path followed by your leads groups, knowing each individual lead conversion, allows you to obtain more visibility about your attribution model to optimize sales and marketing strategies.

It has been proved that due to the lack of use of Lead Tracking, an 80% of conversions can be lost.

When defining the marketing and sales budget, it is important to have a clear knowledge about your campaigns performance. In this way, your strategy would be continuously optimized and focused on success and results.

Advantages of following a Lead Tracking strategy

If you wish to get more information about lead and call tracking, Walmeric can assist you. Amplify your campaigns, funnel and marketing and sales processes!

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