Why your sales strategy should be omnichannel?

More every day, the gap between the online and the offline world throughout the sales process is hard to distinguish. Thanks to progresses in technology, nowadays we are able to look for, buy or hire products or services in diverse channels. However, industries such as the third sector are still 95% ROPO (Research Online Purchase Offline).

It’s just that, there are products or services that due to their complexity or features require the assistance of commercial agents. Whatever channel it is, they help to solve questions, accompany along the purchase process (sharing screen even) and assist to close the sale.

How? By means of a chat, chatbot, video call and, fundamentally, phone call.

What is looking for? To take advantage of each of our leads’ purchase opportunities. At any moment and through any channel, online and offline.

What is the goal? The main focus lies on increasing conversion to sale probability adjusting the experience received by your leads to their needs and interests.

Clarifying concepts: omnichannel or multichannel?

Even though it can be confusing, there is a main difference between both terms that bring to light the real value of omnichannel within a sales strategy.

Multichannel comprises the adoption of diverse sales channels with the goal of offering to users diverse options to proceed with the purchase. It is the first step towards an omnichannel strategy.

So, what is the difference? In contrast to multichannel, omnichannel promotes the integration of all channels with the goal of delivering a consistent communication throughout the purchase process. The differential value lies in the sales channels’ management strategy.

The main focus is to offer users a complete and satisfying experience throughout the whole sales process, improving user experience.

Multichannel focuses on sales channels, omnichannel in user experience.

Benefits of including omnichannel within your sales strategy

1. Increase in contact rate: When you show your users a wide range of contact means, there are higher probabilities that they will find one of them suitable to establish contact with your company. Therefore, your contact rate increases.

2. Growth in sales conversion: Many users make use of an assisted sales channel to finalize their purchase process. When you offer more channels, there are higher contact probabilities and, therefore, sales conversion rises.

3. Development of up selling and cross selling: This kind of actions proliferate assisted sales. Hence, if offering more sales channels to your leads you achieve a growth in contact rates, this task will be more achievable.

4. Enrichment of user experience: Omnichannel allows you to offer to your leads and clients an assistance personalized and adjusted to their needs. Moreover, it permits you to coordinate each of those channels your leads and clients use.

5. Improvements in engagement rate: In this way, enriching user experience, your engagement rate will experiment exponential improvements.

6. Proliferation of customer loyalty: When you offer your leads and clients the possibility of getting in touch with your company easily, user experience improves. Which, in turn, increases brand loyalty and purchase probability.

7. Decrease in churn rate: When you manage loyalty activities properly, churn rate decreases.

8. Reduction in cart abandonment rate: Just like “churn rate”, the number of leads that abandon their carts before conversion to sale is reduced.

9. Improvement in sales processes: When you have diverse communications means in real time – text, video, audio or shared navigation (cobrowsing) -, managing leads by commercial agents or AI systems becomes easier.

10. Decrease in cost per lead (CPL) and cost per acqusition (CPA): The implementation and management of omnichannel solutions does not require a high investment. Increasing conversion to sale probability by applying solutions that does not cost a lot, cost per lead and cost per acquisition decreases.

Within an environment that is continuously evolving, the adaptation to new purchase trends and digital transformation becomes key to business success.

Walmeric acknowledge the importance of incorporating omnichannel solutions to sales strategies and that is why we keep innovating to improve our customers rates and processes.

Walmeric will announce novelties that won’t leave you indifferent. We will soon tell you everything about D3A, our new omnichannel solution. Stay tuned!

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