What to do to retain your customers

Did you know that retaining an existing client is 5 to 7 times cheaper than acquiring a new one? That’s why Client Retention & Loyalty has recently taken center stage. In addition, cross-selling and upselling to an existing client is much easier than closing a first sale with a new customer. Our existing clients are a source of opportunities that we should maintain and look after.

Nevertheless, we tend to neglect our clients causing them to change to another provider or simply leave. In this ebook, we’ll teach you how to avoid these pitfalls and tap into your current clients.

Reading this ebook from Delio you’ll learn:

  • What are the three risky situations that could cause us to lose a client.
  • How technology enables us to develop targeted retention and loyalty campaigns.
  • How it is posible to automate customer claims management to regain the client’s trust.
  • How technology can help you reactivate an inactive client.


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