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Call details forwarding for Call Ads

Google is making a new feature available to its advertisers: call details forwarding for call ads. Through this two-way integration with call analytics providers, it gives advertisers additional, real-time attribution information on calls via ads.

Whether from call extensions, call ads or calls from location extensions, it allows you to bring together third-party call data analytics and performance data from your ads with dynamic tracking numbers in Google Ads.

The integration is already available with a handpicked selection of North American and European providers, including Walmeric.


Benefits of combining Google and Walmeric


The benefits of using Dastia by Walmeric, our call tracking solutions, with Google Ads are numerous.

Google offers its own identifier, Google Click IDs (GCLID), and call forwarding numbers via Google forwarding numbers, providing advertisers with general performance reporting (impressions, calls received and PTR) as well as specific details about phone calls like duration, phone prefix and call type.

Walmeric incorporates Lead to Revenue Management technologies that allows for an increase in the knowledge of the context, through the collection of online and offline signals. At the same time, it offers the possibility of applying business logic or Artificial Intelligence in the end-to-end treatment of leads:

  • Omnichannel capture and tracking.
  • Qualification of each lead (Lead Scoring) according to rules or Artificial Intelligence.
  • Automated processing and routing of your leads according to selected variables (ARPU, CPA, etc) to Call Center, sales teams or agents.
  • Nurturing for non-converted leads based on their closing detail.
  • Multi-channel and multi-device attribution.
  • Ownership of tracking numbers.
  • Conversational tagging (recording and transcription).


Dastia by Walmeric also has a direct integration with Google Analytics, which allows you to get: a comprehensive view of calls and web traffic, the creation of goals for calls and with that, a possible upload to Google Ads as conversion.

Thanks to the combination of Google and Walmeric technologies, your Marketing and Sales departments can now analyze the performance and outcomes of calls in a single platform, and make more informed campaign optimizations in real-time.

You will also see additional real-time data about keywords, ad groups and campaigns that generated calls, so you can more effectively qualify them and direct calls to the most appropriate recipient (call center, sales team, department or sales agent).


Activation steps

The first step to activate call details forwarding for call ads in a Google Ads account is to make sure that call tracking at the account level is enabled.

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If Walmeric is already your call service provider

You can enable the integration in Google Ads:

  1. Log in to your Google Ads account.
  2. Navigate to Account settings.
  3. Open the Call Reporting section.
  4. Under “Send Google Ads call data to a call analytics provider”, select On.
  5. Click the drop-down menu under “Call analytics provider”.
  6. Select: Walmeric.

And finally, you just need to choose how the calls will be counted as conversions by managing the conversion settings.


How it works

When a user clicks through to a call extension, call ad or call from a location extension, the following operational model is triggered:

Below is a summary of the information we collect, integrate into our data and return to Google, with each contact from a user or prospect:
  • Caller’s phone number.
  • Number called (inbound).
  • Google Click Identifier (GCLID): LINK 🔗
  • Campaign Identifier (CMPID).
  • Ad Group Identifier (AGID).
  • Associated conversion.
  Call details forwarding provides additional information about calls as they are received and thanks to the bi-directional integration, Walmeric can send conversion data from call ads as offline conversions to Google this making campaign optimization more efficient and can help you drive more conversions, better conversion rates and a lower cost per acquisition. User privacy and data security are taken very seriously by Google. For this rollout, Google is limiting the user data it shares with third parties—all of whom have agreed to Google’s strict data security terms. For example, no names of callers are shared, only their phone numbers as they would be for any other phone call. Furthermore, data is encrypted and only shared with a call analytics provider if an advertiser grants them access. You can learn more about how Google protects user data here.


Other advantages of working with Walmeric

Walmeric offers the possibility to collect and enrich the 1st Party Data of companies in three areas:

  • User behavior data.
  • Cross-device data.
  • Conversational data (topics, intentions…).


In addition, our natural language processing (NLP) engines and other conversational services are able to analyze the dialogue to extract full value from each conversation:

  • To predict lead behavior and conversion.
  • To detect sales opportunities.
  • To automate procedures.
  • To identify critical situations.


Through the different connections via API, Walmeric offers:

  • Speech recognition.
  • Sentiment analysis.
  • Extraction of information from each interaction.
  • Transcription of the conversation.


Walmeric also offers the ability to record submissions from forms; such as from Google’s Lead Form extensions; via Call Me Back and Call Me Now, so you can follow up on your leads in an immediate and automated way.

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