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Identify, capture, and convert

Increase your conversions and reduce costs in the automotive sector, just like that


Make your users shine

After searching online or being impacted by your advertising campaign, the user who is interested in buying a new vehicle will finally decide to contact you.


Putting yourself in the users’ shoes is key

The user has many different channels available to request information, from telephone and chat to instant messaging or web forms. Using this combined data, we track the digital footprint of the lead (origin, keyword, campaign, etc.)


When you see everything more clearly, trusted information has real value

Once the data is received, it is integrated into your brand’s database and analyzed (using business rules or AI) to create a profile and assess the lead’s readiness to purchase or relevance to the business.


If you don’t convert, you will be left at the starting line

Depending on the assigned user score, the interaction is automatically routed and connected to the most appropriate available agent in the shortest time possible.
In addition, the lead’s data and digital footprint are shared, allowing the agent to customize their pitch.


Making everything run smoothly creates value

Once the user is assisted, they can request a test drive or an appointment with the most appropriate salesperson at the nearest dealership. The agent fills out contact close information, irrespective of a sale or not. In the latter case, a lead nurturing strategy would begin.


Harvest unconverted leads

Recover unconverted leads with customized actions designed to meet their needs using the available lead closure information. This will help change their minds and convert in the future.


Trustworthy and concentrated information is more powerful

Integrating all the data will improve the management, attribution and automatic optimization of your tools, CRM, advertising platforms, and social networks irrespective of the source of the leads. By doing this, your Sales and Marketing teams will have everything they need to improve their results.

Convert your objectives into profits

Manage your leads and optimize the closing process

Manage both online and offline leads and optimize the closing process for test drives at the dealership

Optimize your marketing resources

Integrating lead profile information with your tools enables marketing resource and sales process optimization

Boost lead capture

Increase lead capture thanks to marketing resource and sales process optimization.

Expand your conversion channels

The more channels you offer users, the easier it will be for them to contact you.

Create a unique user experience

Analyze the profile of each lead to carry out personalized actions specific to their needs.

Gain total tracking capability

Integrate online and offline analytics to understand your users’ entire customer journey.

Success Story

KIA, caso de éxito de Walmeric

Qualified leads delivered to sales team with verified interest in products

Increased conversion rate probability for each lead generated

A smart business is one that runs smoothly

Make your business smarter. Get to know your L2RM readiness.

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