Conversational Analytics & AI

Increase sales conversion percentages by 30% and optimize your resources with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Call Automation
based on AI

Improve lead handling and the efficiency of your agents by using artificial intelligence to prioritize and distribute calls.

Speech Analytics

Analyze users’ conversations to improve their buying experience and increase sales conversions.

Audience Optimization

Enrich your audiences with offline conversion data and integrate lead tracking information in platforms.

Call Automation based on AI

Automate call handling and routing between agents and leads. Take your marketing and sales to the next level.

Analyze the behavior and the origin of each lead with artificial intelligence to understand the user’s level of interest, the probability of conversion, and prioritize their personalized pathway.

Route each lead to the best available agent according to their probability of success. Create a matrix of agents by lead profile type and contact center using artificial intelligence.

Analiza las llamadas y su procedencia para poder dar el tratamiento que merece en el Contact Center
Comprende a tus usuarios y alcanza una mayor tasa de conversión

Speech Analytics

Improve lead understanding, the buying experience, and the conversion rate by analyzing conversations with your agents.

Get the most out of each conversation between lead and agent using artificial intelligence. Classify this information with actionable tags for the appropriate handling of each lead.

Use artificial intelligence to build dynamic scripts for agents. Offer agents all relevant lead information and a customized pitch to improve service levels and sales conversions.

Recommend the best product for each user profile using artificial intelligence. Focus the conversation on the ideal product and increase the probability of sales conversion for each lead.

Automatically register the detail and close of each conversation between the lead and agent using artificial intelligence. Streamline agent tasks and avoid labeling mistakes.

Audience Optimization

Enrich your audiences with offline conversion data and artificial intelligence to improve the accuracy of your campaigns.

Incorporate offline conversion data with your advertising investment tools and associate advertising campaign origin information automatically. Enrich platform algorithms and improve results.

Segment leads according to predefined criteria or using artificial intelligence. Optimize and enrich marketing campaign audiences or your CRO strategies, increasing conversion probabilities.


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