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Pioneers in Lead to Revenue Management

Since 2007, we’ve been helping our clients improve their results through a deep understanding of their business and the development of innovative value-added solutions for lead management processes on the path to conversion.

Pioneers in Lead to Revenue Management since 2007
strategy adapted to the type of lead, seeking to lay the foundations for a universal labelling language.

The importance is in the strategy

We are pioneers in promoting the relevance of labeling strategies that establish criteria to collect information in a universal and organized way. This provides an enormous competitive advantage for sales agents, as well as an improvement in conversions. We are building the foundation for a standard labelling strategy across all countries, languages, and terms.

We develop new AI applications to improve the conversion process, such as better lead qualification and call routing optimization to appropriate sales agents according to sales probability or detailed lead-agent conversational analysis. This helps to understand improvement opportunities for lead-agent interactions or sales, etc.

We provide scalability through technological innovation

Over the last few years, we have been awarded several R&D&I projects. Since being named Innovative SME by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation in 2019, various organizations count on Walmeric’s innovation: The CDTI (Center for Industrial Technological Development); madri+d Foundation—an initiative of the Community of Madrid to manage the Regional Plan for Scientific Research and Technological Innovation; and Prosegur Tech Ventures—an investment fund for companies that apply cutting-edge technologies to their business processes.

We are currently focusing our efforts on understanding today’s industry needs. For example, we are working on enriching user knowledge for brands in a cookieless world so that they can continue to manage investment efficiently and anticipate future needs.

our R+D+i department at the service of your business
We work with Google and Facebook, digital giants

We lead the way with market leaders

We are part of the partners program of the two market leaders in the advertising industry: Google and Facebook. Thanks to this, our clients get directly benefits in these two platforms.

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