Integrate lead management with any application, platform, or external system to optimize your investments.


Improve the integration of your information to ensure that you never lose a lead.


Identify each lead and receive updated information about each interaction.

External Database Loading

Consult and use your own information without transferring or copying data.


Out-of-the-box integration with third-party analytics platforms that facilitates retrieval and modification of the data associated with each lead per item or in batch processes.

Available for Google Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Adobe Experience, Hubspot CRM Platforms, as well as Microsoft Dynamics 365, DSP, and others.

Integra en cualquier plataforma de terceros para una actualización constante
Sending and receiving information with every interaction


Universal integration based on a unique lead identification in each platform that enables the sending and receiving of updated information with the unique interaction identifier.

Available for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Datorama, etc.

External Database Loading

Integration with external databases that enable the query and use of the company’s own information without transfers or copies of confidential data outside of the dedicated storage servers.

With external database loading, you can consult the information without worrying about leaks.

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