UX Customization

Improve lead handling by personalizing their experience, ensuring effective contact in less than 30 seconds, and optimizing sales.

Call Optimization

Improve the user experience through call management and increase the offline conversion ratio.

Second Chances

Scale results by harvesting unconverted leads with personalized messages according to the close detail at the right time.


Make the lead experience unique with options that create commitment with your sales agents.

Digital Last Mile

Transform the traditional office into digital workstations, improving the management of interactions between leads and brand.

Call Optimization

Take the user’s experience to the next level and improve the offline conversion ratio through the unified handling of calls and integration with the contact center.

Analysis of the lead in function of different parameters and characteristics, which assign the lead to a contact center, a sales team, or an agent.

Automatic lead distribution in function of conversion results. The percentages delivered to the contact center, teams, or agents will vary dynamically according to the improvement rating based on KPIs.

Unique user experience
Lead nurturing. Recover unconverted leads to offer them a personalized experience

Second Chances

Harvest unconverted leads with personalized messages according to data collected.

Automatic handling of unconverted leads through personalized interactions (calls, emails, and text messages) enriched with call detail, close information, customer needs, and individual interests–all designed to guarantee conversion.


Offer options that establish trust between the leads and your agents and simultaneously facilitate complex processes.

Lead chat box window that is managed by a bot with predefined answers or artificial intelligence and provides instant service to users. Facilitates the automated qualification, the conversion, and/or the routing of the conversation to an appropriate sales agent in the contact center.

A telephone-based solution for lead capture, upselling or cross selling that is managed by a voice bot and instantly provides service. The bot also emits calls to databases and enables automated qualification, conversion and/or conversation routing to sales agents.

Technology that enables browser screen sharing between the lead and the agent so that the agent can guide any process through document sharing, shared navigation and even remote control.

Deliver relevant value to the lead and generate engagement through appropriate communication with your agents
Through digitalization you can improve interactions between lead and brand

Digital Last Mile

Transform your traditional office space to a digital one, improving the management, handling, and enrichment of interactions between leads and your brand.

A platform that provides all lead information on a single screen for sales agents in the contact center. It facilitates sharing relevant information in real-time to provide context in the conversation and improve sales conversion.

A mobile platform for sales agents that enables the secure transfer of all lead tracking information, as well as information about products and services of interest on a mobile device.

An omnichannel platform for the centralized management of interactions between leads and the brand. It provides context and enrichment options, thereby improving the user experience and sales agent efficiency.

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