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Lead Management Technology
leader in Sales increase.

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There is a before and after Walmeric:

80% automation assisted sales conversions

Key Call management in digital advertising

Call Center automated lead management

Sales conversions hight rates efficiency

x3.5 increase in sales from SEM mobile

Marketing & Sales actions connected

Marketing Optimization

Optimize digital investment

Attribute offline sales data to source advertising campaigns

Online and offline integration

Integrate online and offline analytics

Use a full picture of the commercial process to generate new value

Contact Center ROI

Improve sales ratios in call center

Manage channels efficiently to increase sale’s probability

Chat bot

Evolve with artificial intelligence

Build an assisted sales channel with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The power of integration

There is a gap between digital marketing and guided selling. Lead Management bridges this gap, providing you with information and results which will boost the performance of your channels, advertising investment and call centers.


-Sales team & Call Center-

Personalize the sale by knowing the leads’ interests before talking to them

Direct the leads to the best channel and sales rep to improve conversion

Optimize your sales channels through AI


Attribute offline sales to the marketing campaigns in which they originated

Invest efficiently in campaigns best suited to your needs

Analyse all digital navigation which generates a lead before an offline sale

Lead Management Technology

Lead tracking and management system

Capture and track

Identify the lead’s value.

Discover which campaign originated each lead reaching your guided selling channel. Identify the keyword they searched for and the pages they visited before contacting the sales rep.

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Prioritize leads according to your strategy.

Qualify the value of the leads based on their navigation history and assign them a priority and strategy so they may be attended by your sales rep.

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Lead qualification with Walmeric
Lead conversion with Walmeric


Direct leads to the best conversion point.

Expand your sales channels with chat, Messenger, WhatsApp and telephone. Direct the leads to the best conversion point and optimize performance through AI.

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Convince the leads with personalized offers.

Create second opportunities with your leads via personalised emails and messages based on conversations with the sales rep.

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Nurture your leads
Lead Atribution with Walmeric


Use the information to create more value.

The leads’ interactions with your guided selling channels create information with unlimited potential. Integrate your entire Digital Marketing ecosystem with offline sales.

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