All the AI power ready to action your favourite Lead Management solution is now smarter. With our Machine Learning inbuilt capabilities you can discover relevant insights labelled in the system ready to action and obtain more sales. Analise conversations between customer and your sales rep, define new targeted audiences, create new nurturing flows, score and route each lead to the most appropriate sales rep.

What includes LeadAI?

You will have access to all the new prebuilt AI/Machine Learning products as:

Call Conversation Intelligence

Think of analysing the customer conversations with your sales rep/agents, extract the main topics of each conversation including sentiment and context. More than 24 actionable variables labelled ready to action in our Walmeric solution.


 Maximize your sales pairing your leads with the most appropriate sales rep/agent available. We use all the labels of a lead to assign to a dynamic customer segment, then considering the probabilistic score, the customer lead segment and the historic of sales per agent/sales rep, our machine learning classification algorithm look for the perfect pair available.

Conversion Rate

Increase in conversion rate

Our customer, one of the first insurance company in Spain implement our Call Conversation Intelligence product focusing in optimize our non sales nurturing flows.

“When you see in action AI applied to sales is even more powerful than expected and this is only the beginning….”

Antonio Fernandez – Walmeric CEO

How it works LeadAI

Conversation Intelligence

4 steps: