Discover the source and interests of your leads before talking to them. Track their touchpoints and use them to contextualize your sales.

Campaign and keyword tracking

Online search, PPC, offline advertising – our Call Tracking system identifies the campaign which generated the leads converted via your telephone channel.

The technology assigns a unique number to each lead visiting your site or landing page, allowing you to identify not only the keyword and campaign which brought the lead to you, but also their entire navigation history on the website. All this is possible thanks to dynamic numbers.

tracking google call extensions

Tracking with Google Call Extension (new feature)

It is now possible to track the leads calling your company directly via Google Call Extension ads. The Call Context technology allows you to discover the search keyword which brought your lead to the ad through inbound numbers.

Tracking sales channel conversion

Accurately track what happens to the lead after they contact the sales rep. Call Center integration allows you to find out if the lead is marked as a sale or a loss due to excessive price.

Call center tagging lead calls

Step-by-step labelling system

Walmeric technology identifies each step on the lead’s path, both in the online environment and upon being attended by the sales team. Source campaign, web behaviour, form data related to labelling received by the sales rep to create an accurate and global image of sales opportunities.

Customizable dashboards

All lead tracking data, both online and offline, collected in a customizable dashboard. The dashboard allows you to easily control the sales channel parameters which matter most to you.

custome dashboards