Allow the lead to easily interact with you. No matter if they prefer talking on the phone, chat, WhatsApp, Messenger or face-to-face, you will be ready to convert their interests to sales.


Allow your leads to interact with you via the most convenient channel. Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, telephone, chat, video, physical store – all integrated in a guided selling channel with Artificial Intelligence.

Direct your leads to the best sales rep

Using smart routing, our technology directs the leads to the best conversion point according to their interests. If a lead searched for a specific product, they can be directed to a specialized sales rep.

Access all conversations in one place

All interactions with your leads, regardless of the channel in which they took place, centralized on one platform for all sales reps.

Nurturing for second opportunities

Not all leads make a purchase immediately. Lead nurturing allows you to automatically track all your leads in order to send them personalised emails and text messages based on their conversation with the sales rep. Thanks to the generation of flows, you can personalize the lead’s experience to ensure conversion.

Create a sales channel based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Integrate bots with your guided selling channel to employ the best AI in your leads conversion system.

Our NLP technology also allows you to use conversation labels to detect key words in conversations with your leads. You will be able to predict the lead’s conversion probability and target new audiences.

Learn more about AI and our ChatBot

Generate Engagement

Facilitate more complicated processes for your leads. Thanks to the co-browsing technology, your sales rep can guide the lead via real-time joint navigation.

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