Artificial intelligence & Machine Learning

Provide your sales channel with Artificial Intelligence. Integrate chatbot and conversational labeling into your assisted sales processes.

Webi, AI Bot

Boost the potential of your sales channels by adding a bot to your sales force.

Why do I want a chatbot and callbot?

    • To offer an assisted sales channel and 24/7 service
    • To optimize the management of your leads
    • To reduce lead waiting time
    • To qualify leads before transferring them to a sales agent
    • To collect 360º tracking of your leads
    • Cross-selling and up-selling in an automated way
    • To evaluate your customer satisfaction
    • To optimize sales and marketing resources
    • 100% automated and customizable channel
Artificial Intelligence

A dialogue almost human

Decide how you want your bot to speak. Due to natural language processing (NLP), your AI can evolve from a response model based on rules to a probabilistic model where bots interpret human language to better comprehend what users need.


Bot training

Our powerful algorithms train AI how to obtain information from each interaction and conversation with your clients, in order to continuously optimize user experience.



Detect keywords during conversations with your leads. Machine Learning algorithms analyze the context and value of each conversation. Apply this potential to your sales channel in order to:

Predict leads behaviour and conversion

Detect sales opportunities

Automate processes

Identify critical situations