Qualify your leads’ value based on selected business rules. The keyword which generated the lead, the number of visits to your website and even their postcode.

Probabilistic Lead Scoring based on AI

Walmeric’s technology classifies leads, assigning them a score based on rules and own algorithms from variables such as: the keyword searched by users, the data stored in cookies, the webpages they visited, the time they spent on a website etc.

Prioritising leads according to their value

The score given to each lead allows the system to identify and measure their level of interest at all times. Lead Scoring permits to managed, on an automated way, which leads should be looked after first by yout commercial agents.

Differentiation of strategies

Based on each of yout leads’ value you can direct them to their ideal assisted sales channel. For those leads with lower conversion probability, you could employ qualification strategies through channels with lower transformation cost. In this way, you can release more expensive channels to allocate them to leads with higher value.

AI Artificail Intelligence