Why synchronize your leads with your CRM?

Why synchronize your leads with your CRM?

synchronizing leads with your CRM
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The main objective of sales agents is clear: to sell a product or get a service contracted. However, studies show that agents do not spend even half of their working day on achieving this goal.

According to a survey conducted by HubSpot, sales agents spend 34% of their time selling, 21% writing emails, 17% entering data and another 17% looking for leads, among other things. As we can see, very little time is allocated to their main function, while other tasks that could be automated consume much less time.

Lead automation and synchronization with your CRM

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is, as the name suggests, the management of customer relationships. For this purpose, many sales forces use CRM platforms, which store information on customers and leads (potential customers), as well as all their activity related to the company (calls, emails, etc.).

And although a CRM is key to a good organization, it is important to know how to use it and get the most out of it. That’s why sales reps spend part of their day entering data from new leads obtained through different sources (website form, social networks, etc.).

However, despite this time spent uploading information to the CRM platform, 66% of customers say they usually have to repeat information they gave to another agent previously (Salesforce: State of the Connected Customer). Moreover, in Spain specifically, 61% say that, in general, they feel that they communicate with different departments and not with one company. In other words, sales agents do not work as a unit and therefore do not share all the data.

How can we solve this? With the synchronization and automation of data collection, we can have all the information of our leads, whatever their origin, unified in the same place. It doesn’t matter if they contact us through Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, web forms… sales agents will have access to all this data.

Advantages of synchronizing your leads with your CRM

All your lead information stored and available in one place
The data from all your sources is automatically synchronized
The more data the agent has, the better they will be able to serve and advise the lead
By not repeating information, the lead will have a better experience and the service will be faster
The sales force will be able to dedicate all their time to selling

Save time thanks to Delio

However, CRMs do not have automatic synchronization with all the available lead generation elements such as calls (Call Extension, Click to Call, Call Me Back), chats (Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger…) or forms (Facebook Lead Ads, Google Lead Form, TikTok Lead Generation…), but need to be integrated through other platforms. Delio, Walmeric’s Lead Management platform, integrates with all AdTech and MarTech platforms, so you have all the information without having to enter it manually.

Delio also records end-to-end information of each lead’s interaction with the company in an automated way, from the moment they show interest until they make a sale. For example, it records their origin (Google, Bing, Facebook…), campaign, keyword, which sections of the website they have visited, in which section they completed the information request, so that the sales agent can know in advance what the lead is like and what products they are interested in. This is not all that Delio can do, but it can also contact the leads automatically delivering the call to the best Call Center to attend it, and even to a specific agent, according to business rules, performance or historical analysis with AI. In this way, sales agents do not waste time on calls that go to the mailbox and dedicate all their time to selling.

What platforms does Delio integrate with?

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud

    and other CRMs

  • Facebook Marketing Platform

    y otras plataformas de publicidad

  • Weborama

    and other analytics tools

The integration capacity of Walmeric’s tools is maximum. We are capable of uploading conversion information to analytics platforms, loyalty platforms, etc.

All this allows us to obtain a 360º vision of the advertising investment, with the objective of building an efficient investment model, which feeds back (even improving the optimization algorithms) and focusing on those leads that offer the best ROI.

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